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10+2 Open Plank Series
This is our #1 Seller! The Models available are the 6x10 Flat, 6x12 Flat10+2, and the 12+2. These trailers come standard with DOT-LED lighting, 3,500 # Capicity Axle, 4 Tie Down Points at Corners, 34" Ramp, 72" Inside Hand Rail, Welded Aluminum Fenders. 1.5" Square Tube Hand Rail, 2" Coupler, Swivel jack with Wheel, All Aluminum Bed Construction.
Hammer Head
22+2 Double Double
Cherokee Manufacturing LLC Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality aluminum trailers.Our trailer parts are made in America whenever possible.  

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us: (901) 258-2679
This trailer hauls two ATVs.  The Models available are the 12+2, and the 14+2, both have a 2 ft Dovetail. These trailers come standard with DOT-LED lighting, 3,500# Capacity Axle, 10 Tie Down points at corners, 2" Coupler, 14" Tires, 1.5" Square Tube Hand Rail, Welded Alum. Fenders, TWO 48" Movable Ramps, 102" Wide in front of the T, Swivel Jack with Wheel. 
This trailer hauls 2 ATVs long ways. The Models available are the 20' Flat20+2, and the 22+2. These trailers come standard with DOT-LED Lighting, 8 Tie Down points at corners, 2" Coupler with 7000# rating, All Aluminum Bed Construction, 72" Inside Hand rail, 34" ramp, 14" Tires, Welded Aluminum Fenders, 1.5" Square Tube Hand Rail, TWO-3500# Capacity Axles.
Motorcycle Double
​12 foot motorcycle trailer shown with the mounts to put 2 motorcycles. This trailer has a torsion axle and the air down. This one was custom made and is  set up for two Harleys. 
Car Hauler
Hydro Tilt
This trailer has a Solid Floor! The Models available are the 16' Flat, the 18' and the 20'. These trailers come standard with LED Lighting, 4 Tie, Downs, 14" Low Profile Tires, Brakes on One Axle, Tongue and Groove Solid Floor, TWO- 3500# Torsion Axles, 7 Pin Connector, Electric Brakes, Tongue Jack, 80" Inside fender, 102" Outside, TWO 5' Ramps
​This trailer has a hydrolic lift that makes loading cars a breeze! the Models available are the 20' Hydro Lift- 7000# capacity, 84" inside bed, TWO-3500# Torsion Axles w/ Electric Brakes, 4 Tie Downs AND the 20' Hydro Lift Heavy Weight- 10,000# capacity, TWO- 5,000# Torsion Axles w/ Electric Brakes, 6 Tie Downs, 82" inside bed, 16" Radial Tires. They both come standard with a 7 Pen Connector, DOT-LED Lighting, 6 Ton Lift, Bull Dog Coupler, Full Size Battery, Steel Frame and Lift Component, Aluminum Bed and Tongue and Groove Top, Electric jack, Remote Control Lift. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
If you are requesting pricing, please include your state and zip in the message box. Please let us know if you would like the trailer(s) delivered or you will be picking them up.
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